About Us

NIMAST aims to provide a Regional Forum for individuals with a professional interest in Stroke Care delivery across the Statutory, Voluntary and Independent Sectors in order to promote Excellence in Care.

As a committee we are to dedicated to providing the best service possible to our members in the pursuit of excellence in stroke car , delivery, practice & education. It has become clear that we need to update how NIMAST engages with its members, representing your views and to continue lobbying on your behalf for better stroke services.

If you are passionate about stroke care, this is the organisation for you. We welcome you to join the committee or become a member to avail of the opportunities above. And for existing members, thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Committee Members

  • Nicola Moran

    Nicola Moran


  • Dr Patricia Gordon

    Dr Patricia Gordon

    Deputy Chair

  • David Wright

    David Wright


  • Paula Ford-Hutchinson

    Paula Ford-Hutchinson


  • Elizabeth Scullion

    Elizabeth Scullion

    Committee Member

  • Karen Hunter

    Karen Hunter

    Committee Member

  • Tom Richardson

    Tom Richardson

    Committee Member

  • Dr Shelley McKeown

    Dr Shelley McKeown

    Committee Member

  • Alison Friel

    Alison Friel

    Committee Member

  • Elizabeth Gilpin

    Elizabeth Gilpin

    Committee Member

  • Dr Michael  McCormick

    Dr Michael McCormick

    Committee Member

  • Dr Nigel Hart

    Dr Nigel Hart

    Committee Member

  • Dr David Wilson

    Dr David Wilson

    Committee Member

  • Sandra Aitcheson

    Sandra Aitcheson

    Committee Member

  • Fiona Greene

    Fiona Greene

    Committee Member

  • Dr Michael Power

    Dr Michael Power

    Committee Member

  • Rosalind Rogers

    Rosalind Rogers

    Committee Member

  • Gerard Greene

    Gerard Greene

    Committee Member

  • Claire Gorman

    Claire Gorman