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Northern Ireland Multidisciplinary Association of Stroke Teams

Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dietician Clinical Nurse Specialist
General Practitioner Lecturer Neurologist Neuroradiologist
Nurse Occupational Therapist Orthoptist Paramedic
Pharmacist Physiotherapist Physician Podiatrist
Stroke Improvement Lead / Manager Stroke Physician Researcher Voluntary sector
Radiographer Rehabilitation assistant Social Worker Speech and Language therapist

Message from the Chair

I am delighted and honoured to accept the position of NIMAST chair, albeit a little daunted by the responsibility of taking forward the outstanding work of previous chairs & committee members but I promise I will give it my all! I would like to thank Dr Michael McCormick as outgoing chair for his hard work & commitment to NIMAST and his determination to ensure robust data collection of stroke service care across Northern Ireland. And a special word of thanks to Tom Richardson, Director of Stroke Association NI. Tom has been an advocate for NIMAST at every opportunity and his contribution to the NI stroke strategy, Atrial Fibrillation, conference planning & website development, to name but a few, have been exceptional. We wish him a very happy retirement and all the best for the future.

I am a clinical specialist physiotherapist by background & joined NIMAST in 2010 on my return to Northern Ireland to understand & support the development of stroke care regionally whilst enhancing my own learning & knowledge. And NIMAST did not disappoint. It is the only forum of its kind in the United Kingdom and works hard lobbying decision makers, influencing policy, and informing protocols and strategy. It organises and delivers an annual stroke conference in conjunction with the UK stroke Forum, delivers study days and offers an unique opportunity to “connect professionals in stroke” across statutory, voluntary and independent services.

If you are passionate about stroke care, want your voice heard and want to contribute to the development of stroke care in Northern Ireland, this is the organisation for you. We welcome you to join the committee or become a member to avail of the opportunities above. For existing members, thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Nicola Moran